Top 6 tips for optimizing your leads


The equation is simple: optimizing leads is finding leads. Finding prospects is flushing out customers. To dislodge customers is to make money. And make money, it’s great! “Yes, but OK, how do we do it? Would you be entitled to ask. No worries, JeProspecte has concocted you a nice top 6 tips and methods to optimize your leads!

1 / Restart faster and better

The commercial stimulus is an art, which must be practiced … in speed. If a prospect asks you for information – for example via a contact form on your website – the acceptable time to respond is 48 hours maximum . It seems short to you? Welcome to the era of ultraconnection! Small precision: personalize your answer using your name, not your company name. Customers are human, and so are you!

2 / Learn to understand your prospects

Sometimes it is useful to make a point . This point, as a commercial, is the realization of a market study . Who are your products for? Who buys them? For what satisfaction rate? Surely, it will take time. But your end-of-year report will only be better!

3 / Place a call to action on all pages of your site

Today, prospecting is also digital . You – or your company – must have a website presenting your products and offers. Each of your pages must contain a call to action . It can be placed:

  • at the top of your site, on a wider than long space;
  • in the sidebar;
  • at the end of an article or a landing page;
  • in a pop-in …

Do not forget to test your call to action, according to the A / B test method . It’s all about trying two, checking their effectiveness, and keeping only the one that works best!

4 / Exceed expectations

By treating your prospects well, they will feel pampered, and will in fact want to become your customers . It’s as simple as that: to optimize your leads , exceed their expectations. Offer them quality content, white papers, exclusive offers and / or personalized … In short, be a commercial “really nice”!

5 / Use all the tools of the web

The generation of quality leads – or simply “optimized” – requires an intelligent use of the various Web 2.0 tools. These include:

  • social networks;
  • corporate websites and blogs;
  • forums and discussion groups;
  • websites of press releases on the internet …

By diversifying your virtual touchpoints, you will increase your chances of finding customers . Optimizing, in fact, your leads!

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