To get by with the zero rate loan, the notary’s council


Me Thierry Thomas notary in Rezé, takes stock of the loan at zero rate, in the new or in the old.

The zero-rate loan in the new

To allow more French people to gain ownership, the Government has strengthened and simplified the zero-rate loan for two years with more advantageous conditions since 1 January 2016.

It allows young people to become the first owners of their first home by reducing the amount of their monthly payments, and gives a welcome boost to the middle and modest classes.

Recall that the zero-rate loan is a complementary loan, interest-free and free, assisted by the state. It is granted under certain conditions to people who wish to become owners of their principal residence for the first time; this is called first-time accession.

What conditions to benefit from the PTZ?

To benefit from the PTZ, you must:

• have not owned in the 2 years preceding the application,

• finance the acquisition of his principal residence (the beneficiary must occupy it for at least 8 months per year),

• take out other loans: the PTZ is designed as a financial supplement. It must not represent more than the amount of the other loan (s) of more than 2 years duration, contributing to the financing of the operation,

• have resources below a ceiling.

It is also possible to access the PTZ even if the applicant has been the owner within the last 2 years, provided that one of the persons who will occupy the dwelling, or the applicant himself is:

• holder of a disability card and unable to exercise a professional activity,

• beneficiary of the disabled adult allowance or a special education allowance,

• victim of a disaster (natural or technological) that rendered the housing permanently uninhabitable.

Resource ceilings

In order to benefit from PTZ, the household income (reference tax income for the year N-2 is taken into account) must not exceed a ceiling that depends on:

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