Benefits of Fully Managed VPS Hosting for Small Businesses


In recent years, VPS Hosting has evolved into a popular name in web hosting due to its benefits.

When you start looking for web hosting plans, there are many options to choose from. You can choose the best hosting type based on the requirements of your site. Traditionally, Dedicated and Shared Hosting were the only two options for site owners.

Over time, server virtualisation technologies allowed web hosts to offer hosting services using Virtual Servers. Each Virtual Server has dedicated resources, full root access, and account isolation. Hence, a Virtual Server functions as a dedicated server with some restrictions.

When you buy a VPS Hosting plan, you can choose between Windows and Linux VPS Servers, HDD and SSD VPS Servers, and Unmanaged and Managed VPS Hosting plans based on your requirements. The architecture of a VPS offers full root access and dedicated resources. Hence, you can customise the hosting environment as per your needs.

However, this requires some technical proficiency. Non-technical site owners can find running and managing a VPS Server overwhelming. Hence, web hosts offer Fully-Managed VPS Server hosting plans where a technical expert is assigned to the account to help with server administration and management.

If you want Linux as the operating system, you can opt for Managed VPS Hosting with cPanel to run and manage the server efficiently.

Here are some top benefits of a VPS Managed Server.

1. Assistance in customisation

One of the important advantages of a VPS Hosting plan is high customisation. With full root access, you can change the server’s configuration to create a customised hosting environment for your site.

Also, with account isolation, your changes will not impact other users on the physical server.

However, to make these changes, you need some technical proficiency. Non-technical site owners can opt for Managed VPS Hosting, where a technical expert can help them with such customisation requirements.

2. Better Security

In today’s times, site security is an important aspect. Unfortunately, websites with frequent security lapses tend to lose customers and search engine rankings.

While a VPS Server is more secure than other web hosting servers, you need to take measures to boost its security.

With a Managed VPS Hosting plan, the technical expert helps run security vulnerability scans and checks for malware and viruses to take corrective measures and boost the server’s and your site’s security.

While managed VPS Hosting plans are costlier than their unmanaged counterparts, they are the best option for non-technical site owners as they can help leverage the benefits of a Virtual Server without worrying about the technical aspects of hosting.

Summing Up

When VPS Hosting plans were launched, they didn’t gain popularity because site owners must possess some technical skills.

Hence, hosting companies started offering fully-managed VPS Hosting plans, assigning a technical expert to a VPS account. This expert helped site owners with server administration and management tasks.

If you own a small business and looking to buy VPS Hosting for your website but lack the technical proficiency required, consider opting for a Managed VPS Hosting plan.

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