How to Prepare an Emergency Food Supply


There are many reasons to have an emergency food supply at home. In some parts of the country, emergency kits and food supplies are the norm because of the high incidences of floods, tornedos, or hurricanes that can leave people with little or no access to running water or food. A basic supply should last for three days, at which point it would be expected that normal services would be resumed.

But what if you want to prepare for longer? The recent global pandemic highlighted the importance of being prepared for every eventuality, such as a war that could cripple the national grid, causing untold mayhem. Being prepared can give you peace of mind should anything untoward happen.

A Three-Day Supply

If you are planning to be prepared for the short-term only, then having enough supplies for at least three days is recommended. Your supply kit should have items to keep you warm such as blankets and you will need a good first aid kit. But when it comes to food supplies, it is best to store items that do not require refrigeration or cooking (after all, it is likely that you will be without power). If you really want to be able to cook food, your kit will need to include a camping stove with propane gas to power it.

Think about storing items such as canned meats, vegetables, and fruits as well as soups and juices. Powdered milk is useful but remember you will need to have extra water to mix with this. Other food items that are good in a three-day kit include things like jelly, peanut butter, crackers, jerky, cereal, dried fruit, and granola bars. If you have children, include some comfort foods such as candy and chocolate. It is best to avoid foods that are too salty, in case you have limited access to water.

Storing for Longer

For most natural disasters, it would be rare for homes to be without power for longer than a week but having enough food for a longer period of time (such as a week or month), can be reassuring for some. Nevertheless, if you are storing food for longer, you will need to focus more on nutrition than you would for just three days. This means having a way to cook food becomes even more important. Avoid relying on foods that need to be refrigerated though as without powerthese foods will spoil very quickly. Rice and beans are nutritious and can be stored for a long time, so they make a terrific addition to any food supply kit.

Do Not Forget Water

Howeverlong you plan to store for, water is vitally important. According to those at CedarStoneIndustry, who make stainless steel storage tanks, having enough water to get you through a disaster is something you must be prepared for. They say that if you are planning to store enough supplies for at least a month, then a food grade stainless steel tank is a good idea.

This type of tank is coated to prevent rust that could contaminate your water and is available in a variety of sizes, making it capable of storing quite a bit of water. The CDC recommends storing at least one gallon of water per person per day, so if you are storing for the long term, you will need a large tank. If you have pets, remember to store extra water.

It is also a good idea to keep some water purification tablets that you can use to remove pathogens from water if needed.

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