5 Ways to Ensure the First Online Jewellery Sale


The first sale is as symbolic for an online jewellery store like PearlsOnlyas it is necessary. The optimism and positivity that it brings to the business makes the long and ardourshard work that a jewellery website owner puts in, a success. Some definite ways which can ensure the first sale are:

  • Blogging 

This is one of the most lucrative ways to market a website and its products. Content marketing or blogging involves producing and uploading free, valuable and interesting content on the website so that:

  • Customers can be kept updated about the developments of the website and the jewellery world in general and
  • A brand can be created which is trustworthy and reliable.
  • Cold emails 

Building up a list of emails of all potential customers is another way of ensuring publicity for the concerned website. Statistics prove that sending out unique and catchy emails on a regular basis via the email marketing program ensures better ROI than any other type of marketing. Emails not only talk of promos and offers but also help to take information regarding the products and services right up to a person’s personal mailbox.

  • Sponsoring an event

 When proper and popular events are sponsored, the visibility of the brand and consequently the website increases.

  • Pulling a PR stunt 

This works in the same way as viral videos and if and when executed with precision can ensure instant publicity for the website and propel it into fame. This is sure to gain jewellery websites more customers and followers than the other conventional methods of online marketing.

  • Affiliate marketing 

This is an excellent way of increasing website traffic and marketing the products associated with the website. In this other people use their websites to market products of the jewellery manufacturing website and gain a percentage of the resultant sales.

But it is not the first sale which a jewellery website owner like pearlsonly.com needs to concentrate on. The subsequent sales also need to happen and that too on a regular basis. The above given tactics, if followed properly and on a regular basis will ensure not only the first sale but also the subsequent sales.

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