Quantity Surveyors And Their Part Through the Building Process


The quantity surveyor (or simply QS) is experienced who types an integral part associated with any construction project. This particular role has traditionally already been performed by highly trained individuals with intensive understanding of construction management.

Quantity surveyor usually doubles up as an independent contractor plus is normally trusted with regard to professional consultation. The part played with a quantity inspector is essential to the construction and project existence cycle as enumerated beneath.

Construction Project Life Period

The quantity surveyor offers crucial input at each stage of the project life cycle. The expert is involved right through the initial planning phases to the completion associated with the project. Budgetary, engineering and legalities are all managed the QS.

Preparing Stages

The planning stages are essential to any kind of construction. Errors in the planning stage usually bring about huge costs later within the project life period. It is therefore essential to engage the solutions of a QS in the planning stage. The building quantity surveyor will begin by examining the viability of the particular project from an monetary point of view. Close coordination with some other professionals such as technicians and architects is generally essential. The QS has understanding in building codes, simply by laws and procedures that is crucial during the preparing stage. An assessment associated with the viability of the project from an architectural standpoint is also carried out by the QS. Go to Section94 to know more about quantity surveyors.

During Construction

When the project commences and all groups are on-site, the Quantity surveyor plays a important role in ensuring the process moves along smoothly and does not surpass budget limits. Sometimes presently there may be disputes among the team members such as between engineers and designers. In such an occasion, the QS usually gets the liaison point in order to clarify requirements to the team members.

Post Construction

When the project is completed, the functions and tasks of the quantity surveyor modify. The focus now becomes to monitoring the finished project to make sure almost all operational costs are held within the budget. The particular QS must also make sure the project adheres in order to tax laws. In addition, the quantity surveyor must make sure sufficient insurance plans are in destination to control the risk of reduction from various perils. Within the event of the claim during this period, the QS must manage the issue of alternative costs by providing precise damage estimates.

Other Obligations

In addition to the particular roles laid out over, the QS has some other obligations too, these consist of:

  • Providing estimates associated with cost-effective purchase programs
  • Organizing tender documentation plus putting together purchase reviews which are essential within controlling spending during the project
  • Carrying away purchasing research to look for the greatest and cheapest causes of creating materials
  • Selecting the most appropriate balance between cost and quality
  • Drafting of safety codes and rules

Clearly, a building quantity surveyor includes a crucial role to perform in a construction project. Engaging the services of a competent expert ensures the project operates smoothly by adhering in order to legal requirements, monetary restrictions and established structural practices.

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