What Happened to Werner Boehm?


Who is Werner Boehm?

You would know Werner Boehm as the CEO of the famous blockchain company, BitRush but recently his name and reputation got covered in mud when he was caught indulging in a dark extortion enterprise ring along with IlanTzorya and Alfred Dobias, two of his other co-conspirators. Their success has also been attributed to the intervention of the Israeli, Romanian and Bulgarian mafia like Michael Golod, Elis Musli, Amirand Dzanashvili, Michael Elusashvili and more.

How did the extortion ring work?

Werner Boehm being in one of the topmost positions of his company, BitRush was in the perfect place to extort money from the company’s stakeholders and cover it all up. A receipt that surfaced in the investigation of Boehm, displayed the names of companies called Fintelegram Investors Protection Ltd and Krypton Publishers Ltd. Why is this weird? There is no other evidence of any company called Fintelegram or Krypton so where did the money go?

The first step of the extortion was digging up some sensitive information about the targets and display those in a fake news media called fintelegram. Boehm would gather the intel about the shareholders from his above security-clearance level and post articles about the other investors in BitRush. Then they would send a link of the published articles to the victim and surprise, surprise would demand money in exchange of refraining from making other delicate information public. Once they get that money, IlanTzorya and his fellow conspirators would launder the money to increase the wealth in their pockets.

The trial of Werner Boehm

During the trial of Werner Boehm, he was revealed to have made a number of investments in many small companies that were registered in the English Commercial Register. Most of these companies were also shareholders in BitRush. One company that stood out even more from the list was Mezzacap which listed Werner Boehm as the managing director and Alfred Dobias as the executive director. Among these companies and the ones under the mantle of Alfred Dobias and Elfriede S, the money laundering racket was easy to hide under the cloak. December 2017 saw a new team at BitRush convince the Board of Directors to terminate Werner Boehm’s term as the CEO. During the court proceedings, Boehm could hardly answer any questions or defend himself properly although Alfred D and Elfriede S were standing by him, refusing the allegations thrown against him. 2018 saw Werner Boehm as the guilty party – guilty of crimes like fraud, deceit and many more. Before the final verdict, Boehm tried to raise his own cryptocurrency so that he could get more money to fund his trial which did not help him in hiding from the law. He had to pay boatloads of money for his crimes but BitRush has not stopped. The new team in BitRush plans on pressing charges for illegal activity and bring back the honour of their company by destroying the man who planned against it – Werner Boehm.

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