Who Will Buy My Structured Settlements?

With a structured settlement you receive periodic payments over time. Recurring payments help you cater to your long-term needs, such as medical bills. However, if necessary, you can sell your structured settlements to get a lump sum of money. Hence, you’ll need to know who will buy your structured settlement.

Structured Settlement Buyers

You’ll find numerous companies that buy structured settlements on the market. Such firms are known as factoring companies, and you’ll need to find the best factoring company.

Finding the Best Structured Settlement Buyer

When searching for a structured settlement buyer, evaluate your options and choose the best. You’ll need to check on the following factors.

1. Consider how long the company has been operating

A company, such as We Pay More Funding, that has been in operation for a long time is likely to have qualified staff. Also, such companies know the ins and outs of structured settlements.

2. Factoring company ratings

Check each factoring company’s Better Business Bureau ratings as you evaluate your options. BBB ratings help you know the highly rated, reputable, and trustworthy companies. Additionally, BBB will assist you in understanding if the factoring company has any legal complaints against them.

 Also, you can review their Google ratings to see what their previous customers had to say about them.

3. The company rates

Reputable factoring companies offer competitive discount rates. Such rates impact your lump-sum payment amounts. Also, a good structured settlement company will give you fair rates rather than taking advantage of your situation.

4. Company quotes.

Before picking a factoring company, you should request their quotes. Try and have the quotes in writing and confirm there are no hidden charges. Also, factoring companies offer free quotes for your structured settlement. Evaluate the quotes and pick the company that provides the best price for your structured settlement and has good customer reviews.

5. Ask for recommendations

If you have a friend, family member, etc., who are well conversant with structured settlements, chances are they know the best factoring company. Also, ensure the company has minimal negative reviews.

How Factoring Companies Work

Factoring companies work with you to establish the legal process of transferring your payments for a lump sum. However, the process is complicated. But with the help and advice of a professional company, it should become an easier process.

When you approach them seeking to sell, the factoring company gathers information and calculates the rates. Your lump sum amount will be less than what your periodic payments would amount to. That is because the factoring company covers the legal and administrative costs and gets some profit. The company then sends your offers and documents to sign.

 Once you sign, the factoring company fills out paperwork and arranges a court hearing. The judge will then rule whether the transaction is in your best interest. Once the judge approves the sale, the factoring companies pay you the lump sum.


Sometimes change is inevitable. And no matter how structured settlements suit you, circumstances might force you to sell. Unfortunately, most people make mistakes because they don’t know who buys structured settlements. But if you’re well informed, you can make a reasonable sale. So, apply the above information next time you want to sell your structured settlement along with consulting financial and tax professionals to try and make the best decision for yourself.

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