Why is a set up box needed with DTH?


We briefly explain how DTH works and why a set up box is needed in the process.

Watching your favourite TV programmes is one of the small joys of your life. It helps you unwind after a hard day of work. But your favourite form of recreation that comes to you via a DTH system, is powered by a complex mechanism that you may not be aware of.

What is DTH? The DTH is an abbreviation of the term ‘Direct To Home’ where it is a system of beaming TV transmission directly from a satellite to the consumer’s TV set. It was launched in India in the year 2004, with both Doordarshan and private providers vying for the first DTH systems in India. Unlike the conventional cable TV, DTH provides far greater depth of programming, better transmission and excellent clarity of sound and picture.

What is a set up box? Also known as the ‘set top box’, it is a device that is connected to the TV set and the DTH connection simultaneously. It helps the viewer watch the TV channels of their choice.

So why is a set up box needed? The set-up box is a necessary element of the DTH system. While you receive an encrypted transmission via satellite to your dish antenna, you cannot consume this transmission directly. It must first be sorted and decoded for your use, and the set-up box performs this function of decoding the transmission. Only after decoding the transmission can the signal be transferred to your TV set, from where you can watch the programme of your choice. In case the set up box is not working, you will either receive a garbled transmission or a blank screen.

Which is the best kind of set up box? Leading DTH providers like Airtel have HD-compatible set up boxes. These are a superior kind. As more and more consumers demand HD channels – Airtel offers all 50 HD channels available on the DTH spectrum in India – an HD-compatible set top box is needed to support this demand. The HD-compatible set top box is offered with the DTH proposition from Airtel. You can pick the channel pack and duration of the pack as per your needs, after studying the available packs on the Airtel website or smartphone app.

Should you pick Airtel DTH? Absolutely you must. Airtel offers the highest numbers of DTH channels in a good ratio of SD and HD channels. They have various packs to choose from, at unbelievable prices. You can get heavy discounts on choosing certain packs, while also getting a wide range of channels – local, national, international – to choose from. There are excellent base packs to begin with, and you have the freedom to choose another pack at a later date.

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