Bulk SMS marketing – Features that would make you fall for this strategy


Marketing is an integral part for any organisation. To be aware and in the mind of your target audience is one basic goal for every organisation. You not only need to make your presence felt but retain in the mind of your prospects or the target audience. In order to meet a good promotional strategy, an organisation use various tools for marketing their products or services. SMS marketing is one such strategy that fits perfectly in the demands of promoting a brand.
Since majority of the population is investing most of their time in their phones, it becomes important for the organisation to use this medium as a major advantage for themselves. You could except the consumer to check their phone often and sending them SMS would make sure your brand’s visibility for them on a continuous basis. You could buy bulk SMS online for your product or brand. SMS marketing have various features that could be very crucial for any business.

✓ High open rates
Open rates refer to the time that your SMS gets opened and seen by the customers. An SMS is expected to have 98% open rates, among which 90% is within 3 minutes of sending the message.
Since the main motive of SMS marketing is to register the brand name or the service in the minds of the audience, high open rates gives you surety of the delivery of the message. 98% is a huge in comparison of mails and thus it could be advantageous for the organisation.

✓Reaches everywhere
SMS comes with no liability of internet connection or a smart phone. There is a possibility that your target audience might use internet for a limited period, do not let that be a limitation for your brand. SMS has no such restrictions and it could reach the customers as per your formulated strategy. It could reach anywhere, even where the internet does not catch. Thus, it is a smarter and a more efficient way of marketing.

✓ Personalised
SMS marketing has a key feature of personalizing the content in the text according to the audience. Depending on the nature of the audience, you could alter the text in the message. It is easier to segment the audience basis on the similar traits and then send them SMS that is relatable and personalised.

✓ Automatic
Sending messages individually to multiple people would be extremely time-consuming and monotonous. The online bulk SMS service providers allow you to send messages in bulk to the large number of audience. You do not have to devote your precious time in this and only one command could let your message reach to all the numbers in your target lists.

✓ High return on investment
The rate of return for SMS marketing is one of the highest in the field of digital marketing. It is one of the most impactful and result oriented way of receiving returns on the investment since it makes sure that the message gets delivered and read by the target audience.

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