Capgemini Partners With Salesforce To Start A New Journey On AI-Powered Customer Experience Service.


Capgemini and Salesforce have been working together for more than ten years to assist companies in making more money by providing smooth and personalised experiences through customer relationship management (CRM). These two companies want to establish exceptional experience in using data, artificial intelligence, and making customers happy. As the collaboration has taken place, Capgemini will have some key benefits on its overall growth and future operations. In this blog, we will tell you about the collaboration of Capgemini and Salesforce to start AI-generated customer experience that is named as digitised customer experience (DCX).

Brief About The Launch Capgemini’s AI Solution – DCX

Capgemini and Salesforce have teamed up again to create DCX. Capgemini is known for its strong AI skills, and now they’re using that power to make customer experiences even better. They have set up a special place called the Generative AI for CX Foundry, and it’s like a magical workshop for creating amazing customer experiences.

What’s so cool about DCX is that it makes everything personalised for each customer. Capgemini’s DCX Foundry aims to help organisations leverage the power of AI and automation to create more meaningful and efficient customer experiences. By following the AI driven approach, businesses can improve customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty while achieving operational efficiency.

Jean-Marc Gaultier, Head of Partnerships and Group Strategic Initiatives at Capgemini said that they are entering new frontiers of customer experience with Generative AI, which will enable the company to re-imagine and offer tailored experiences for both customers and employees, to deliver new services, personalised resolution to customer issues, and much more. Capgemini’s extensive experience in CX and AI implementations across sectors is combined in the new Generative AI for CX Foundry for clients utilising Salesforce.

Capgemini and Salesforce want to use their knowledge to help businesses even more. Their partnership makes sure that companies can use generative AI for CRM on a big scale. When customers are satisfied, companies make more money. Capgemini and Salesforce will keep working together to make sure that businesses can use AI to make their customers happy and make more money. That’s good news for everyone associated with the company and even the company’s shareholders, as Capgemini unlisted share price will likely increase in the future.

Aims Behind The Creation Of DCX

The collaboration between Capgemini and Salesforce comes with big aims both of the companies want to achieve for attracting more customers and making more money in future. Some of the key points are below to consider:

Elevating Self-Service:

The development of empathetic and comprehensive chatbots that are designed with a human-centric approach. These chatbots aim to provide customers with efficient and effective self-service options, enabling them to find information and solutions on their own.

Increasing Field Sales:

The focus is also on empowering sales assistants with tools and technology to develop tailored solutions for customers. This can involve using data-driven insights and AI to personalise sales interactions and offerings.

Applying Synthetic Design:

This involves the automated creation of personalised content at scale, primarily for marketing and commerce purposes. AI-driven content generation can help businesses reach their customers with relevant and engaging content.

Enhancing Customer Service:

The goal of this partnership is to provide high-quality, personalised customer service using service assistants. These assistants leverage AI and data to offer contextual and effective support to customers, enhancing their overall experience.

Organising Customer Journeys:

It focuses on optimising the end-to-end customer journey by combining products and services in a way that helps resolve customer problems efficiently. It involves streamlining and enhancing the customer experience throughout their interaction with the business.

Capgemini’s DCX Foundry is a strategic approach and set of capabilities designed to help clients enhance their CX efforts at scale. It combines methodologies, assets, and technology to enable organisations to transform their customer interactions and engagement. The latest expansion of the DCX Foundry focuses on improving collaboration between teams and delivering generative AI solutions, IT infrastructure, data models, and business processes.

Is It The Right Time To Invest In Capgemini?

As you can see that the collaboration is highly talked about and is going to offer a lot for its customers, it will definitely increase the sales and profits of the company. As AI is going to be the future of growth and development of nearly every organisation in the coming years. Capgemini and Salesforce have set a vision together to provide their customers an ease in getting solutions. This step is going to attract more customers and will certainly increase the profits of Capgemini. And for the people who are looking to invest in Capgemini unlisted shares, it is the right time to invest. Check Capgemini India share price and invest in the grey market as it may touch heights within a short span of time.

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