Executive Suites – The Best Answer to Your Office Space Needs


Executive office spaces are smaller dedicated office spaces in a large office compound. The idea of these spaces is to provide the flexibility of Co-Working spaces while offering the privacy of a private office. Here are a few things that Executive Suits offer which will force you to visit them for sure.

Full Loaded Spaces

These spaces are not just well furnished, they are themed and decorated as well with all the modern amenities and systems in place. The offices look like power offices with modern architecture, furniture, hi-speed internet, security etc. in place. These amenities are there from day one and you don’t have to worry about anything when starting at such spaces.office furniture company

Infographic provided by Arnold’s Furniture, an office furniture company

Flexible Rental Agreements

The rental agreements of Execu-Suites Office Space Rentals are way more flexible than a corporate lease with a landlord. The notice periods are shorter and you have the flexibility to move in a smaller or larger space in the same compound after notifying the provider and serving their notice period. This comes in very handy for startups and growing businesses, as they don’t know their future needs.

Low Cost Spaces

The spaces have shared amenities and workforce which significantly lowers your monthly bills compared to dedicated staff and amenities. The cost for security, housekeeping etc. are all shared, so you save a lot on these recurring expenses.

Professional Image

The cost for making an office looking similar to Executive suites is very high, most people compromise on these expenses when they are making an office of their own. So, at the end, executive spaces look more professional than a private office. A better workspace not only leaves positive impact on your clients but is a positive motivator for your employees as well.

Collaboration & Networking

Executive offices have meeting rooms, organize social events, have forums and discussions for your team to network and collaborate with other teams to fill in the voids of each other. If your team is strong on technology and lacks marketing, there might be another which might help you in marketing while you take care of their technological needs. These collaborative efforts can never take place in a private office.

Conference & Meeting Rooms

To have a conference or meeting room in a dedicated office is very costly affair, they are not only costly to make but they occupy a large chunk of space in your private office. Executive offices offer shared conference and meeting rooms which are shared among several office holders. This saves a lot of space and the maintenance cost of these rooms is shared by several offices, thus bringing down the expenses as well.

Dedicated Kitchen

Executive offices have their own chef and kitchens as well, some of them don’t have chefs but offer pantry, refrigerator, microwave etc. for quick cooking during the day. If you intend to stick to long working hours, these kitchens come in very handy for your team. As it is very difficult to work when your mind is busy asking for food.

The idea of Executive offices is to offer world-class facilities while bringing down the costs by sharing. These offices offer amenities that please your employees and leave a positive impression on your clients. So, before you move into your new private space, go check out at least one Executive Suite.

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