Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- The Power of Wind and Solar Energy For Sustainable Farming


Conventional farming practices destroy the fertility of the soil and are dangerous to the biodiversity of the planet. In order to increase the production of crops, these farms use a lot of chemicals in their fertilizers and pesticides. The animals are injected with antibiotics, and they are raised in unhealthy conditions to sell food products faster. Customers are buying them from the market innocently, little knowing about the adverse effects these products do on their overall health over time.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania-practicing sustainable farming to save the environment  

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is a respected name in Spring Grove in the USA for sustainable farming and organic food products. When it comes to the planet and its bio-diversity, sustainable agriculture has become the need of the hour. Every year animals are becoming extinct because of the chemicals that are getting deposited inside the soil. Even water is getting polluted, leading to the death of several marine species. It is high time for farmers across the nation and the globe to curb conventional industrial farming practices and switch to sustainable practices that use renewable energy like wind and solar power to produce food.

Using wind and solar power 

The use of wind and solar power for farming activities reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. They are responsible for global warming and climate change. The experts at these farms have kept sustainability as their core value, and they specialize in eggshells and the production of quality organic food. Even customers have become health conscious, especially after the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. They know that organic food products are more expensive than their conventional industrial counterparts, but they are willing to pay extra for good health. Not only do these farms care about the environment, but they also are committed to animal welfare as well.

Certifications for animal welfare 

These farms have earned several certifications under the Animal Welfare Program and are known to breed their chickens in safe, healthy conditions. In February 2011, these Farms invested $3.5 million in a water treatment plant to manage the water they use for washing eggs in a responsible manner. They deploy a process that uses nitrification/denitrification for filtering the water so that it goes back to the ground in an eco-friendly way. They have also installed solar panels in these farms so that they can optimize the power of the sun for their daily operational activities of farming.

The team on these farms is deeply connected to the land and committed to their customers. They ensure their farms are close to them to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. They focus on quality and are one of the top 5 producers of eggshells in the USA.

The experts at Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania also believe in serving the community, and they regularly donate to homeless shelters. They ensure these donations reach the right people so that the poor and needy can bounce back on their feet and live a regular life with respect.

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